The company

The company is placed in the industrial area of Molinella (Bologna), on the crossing between via Barattino (Bologna airport flying club) and via Turati, and consists of:

  • 3000 sq m shed (7 m in height), with possibility to load and unload semi trailers.
  • 80 sq m offices area equipped in a modern manner for both warehouse and manufacturing processes computerized operating and management.
  • 20 sq m testing area suitably supplied with control equipment.

With a 30-year-old experience we operate for our industrial customers offering:

  • manufacture / assembly of mechanical and electromechanical parts
  • manufacture of machines components
  • precision cutting and bending
  • surface treatments such as satining process

The main features of our service are:

COMPETITIVENESS, thanks to our alert on production costs dealing

PUNCTUALITY, thank investments on suitable resources ensuring a correct clearing cycle

QUALITY, based on attention and great care of the company owner, accuracy of machinery and continual controls. This quality is certified according to UNI 9001:2000 by a society with European authority.

To meet our customers requirements we have high quality machinery as:

  • Trumpf L 4030 laser cutting, 4000W cutting power with 4000 x 2000 mm cutting plane through which we can cut thicknesses such as Fe 37 up to 22 mm, stainless steel up to 15 mm and aluminium up to 10 mm.
  • Trumpf pressure bending machines giving us the possibility to bend up to 4000 mm in lenght.
  • TruBend Cell 5000 con BendMaster (150), allows a particularly convenient processing and production of your products. You'll get a consistently high quality parts at a slower pace, if required, also around the clock.
  • Flow abrasive water cutting, 55 Kw cutting power with 3200 x 1500 mm cutting plane, it is used with every non-ferrous materials through which we can cut thicknesses such as stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, glass and plastics (50 mm).
  • Costa water satining machine with working width of 1200 mm
  • Inside the company there are different light equipment mainly used for mechanical assembly.